Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rockbitch: an all girl band that would throw a 'Golden Condom' to the audience, and whoever got it, male or female, was taken backstage to have sex with band members. NSFW

Rockbitch was a British, mostly female, Celtic punk/metal/goth band, best known for performing nude and incorporating sexual acts and Pagan rituals into their performances.

Rockbitch was originally formed as Red Abyss by bassist Amanda, who drew other band members from the matriarchal, polyamorous, pagan, feminist community of which she was the prime founder.
Red Abyss switched to the Rockbitch name when the lineup changed: a male drummer (Steve) was replaced by Jo. The line up varied over time with other characters such as 'Luci the Stage Slut', 'The Haema-Whore', Kali and Erzulie the Sex Magik Priestesses all making appearances.

The band toured Germany, France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, the UK, (but were banned from venues in Scotland), Italy, Spain, Finland, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Estonia and did a promotional tour that involved Canada (but were eventually also banned from the intended venues without having played).
Rockbitch became infamous not only for performing live sex acts, but also doing so with audience members via "The Golden Condom". At a point during its show, a condom was tossed to the crowd and whoever caught it (male or female) was taken backstage for sexual relations with one or more band members.

Rockbitch toured widely from approximately 1998 until 2002, meeting increasing resistance from authorities, particularly English, German and Norwegian town councils who often banned its concerts.

The Rockbitch lineup became entirely female in 2000. Original lead guitarist Tony (known as 'The Beast') retired, taking over management/production. Alexandra (known as 'Babe') moved into lead guitar duties (from rhythm) while Luci, previously a "Stage Slut" (one of the nude dancers and sexual band/crowd liaisons), instead strapped on a rhythm guitar.

The personnel were as follows:
  • Julie Worland: Vocals
  • Luci: Guitar (from 2000) (previously appeared on stage as 'Stage Slut')
  • Amanda Smith-Skinner (aka 'The Bitch'): Bass
  • Nikki: Piano, Flute
  • Joanne Heeley: Drums 
  • 'Babe' (Alexandra): Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals (also Webmistress)
  • 'Beast' (Tony): Guitar on Motor Driven Bimbo and producer of both studio albums
  • Chloe: Sex Magick Priestess
  • Kali: Sex Magick Priestess

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  2. Howdy, I saw Rockbitch on a couple of memorable occasions and was delighted with the company of Erzulie.

    Do you have any video footage or photographs of her now?

    Wonder where she is nowadays?

  3. Well, that's a concert i'd like to visit. Too bad they stopped though :/

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